Premier Legault defends blimp investment, says skeptics will be convinced

Airships could be useful in remote, inaccessible areas, including Canada's North. (image: Flying Whales)

Premier Francois Legault on Tuesday defended his government's decision to invest $30 million in a controversial blimp project.

According to Legault, Quebecers must learn to take risks in business.

The opposition parties led the charge, doubting the merits of the project and demanding to read a study which supported the investment.

However, in a scrum, Legault insisted that helium blimps were the way of the future for transporting goods in northern Quebec.

The skeptics will be convinced, Legault said. In his eyes, Quebecers must come to terms with risk, because a society advances by taking risks. However, he admitted that there were constraints and challenges to overcome with this project.