Publisac delivery changes could negatively affect workers: FTQ

The FTQ, as well as its two biggest unions, Unifor and Teamsters, are asking the City of Montreal to think twice before making any changes to the weekly Publisac distribution.

The unions represent thousands of workers in paper mills and the forestry industry, as well as distribution and recycling plants.

The plea comes after recommendations by Montreal's commission on water, environment, sustainable development and parks suggested pamphlets and flyers should only be delivered to those who ask for them.

It argues the environmental cost of widespread distribution of the Publisac remains too high, especially if Montreal wants to be a leader in the fight against climate change.

Defendants of the pamphlets argue they stimulate the economy and keep weekly newspapers in business.

"If you go with an opt-in, that's the end of the Publisac," argued François Olivier, president and CEO of Transcontinental, the company that distributes the flyers, noting there is currently an opt-out option on its website.

The City of Montreal has until the summer to decide if it will accept the commission’s recommendations.


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