Que. English School Boards Association to make its case against school board abolition

classroom (commons.wikimedia.org)

A school boards association will be meeting with Quebec's Education minister over a highly controversial plan.

Jean-Francois Roberge told French media on Thursday he spoke with stakeholders about a plan to abolish school boards and that they agreed.

The Quebec English School Boards Association reacted wondering what parties Roberge consulted with and that it had not met with the minister on the matter.

Executive director of the association, Russell Copeman, told CTV he's looking forward to a meeting where the English-speaking community can make its case. 

"We're anxious to meet with him and to explain our position, that we feel that the abolition of school boards and elimination of school board elections and democratically-elected school commissioners is not the right way to go in the province of Quebec", said Copeman.

 On Thursday, Roberge said doing away with English school boards wouldn't violate the protection of minority rights under the constitution.