Quebec announces $150 million for tablets and laptops for fall classes


Quebec is unlocking $150 million to allow schools to stock up on digital equipment for the next school year.

According to the ministry's estimates, there are nearly 80,000 students who currently do not have access to the equipment necessary to continue their distance learning. With this sum, it would be possible to acquire at least 200,000 tablets and laptops.

Although the scenarios for the start of the school year are not yet final, the minister has not hid from the start that he wants all students to return to class in September, but his news release states that it is important that the school network be ready for anything next fall.

Priority will be given to aquiring tablets and laptops. School service centres must therefore make their needs known to the Ministry of Education by June 19.

Another part of this sum will also be used for training and support for school staff.

Westwood High School teacher Catherine Hogan sees this as a positive move but  wnats the momentum of this to continue

"I think it's absolutely a necessity and I'm really happy the government's putt aside the money. But I would like to also see them accountable to that. They've said in the past that that they didn't have money for more technology for students, so I'd like to see this sort of thing continue," said Hogan.

Dustin Kagan-Fleming (CJAD 800) contributed to this report.


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