Quebec casinos set to reopen with major changes - and layoffs

Casino -(Flickr)

The first of Quebec’s casinos reopens in just over two weeks, but only some employees will be getting back to business - Loto Quebec will be laying off over 2,200 employees.

With new limits on the number of people allowed back into casinos, in order to comply with distancing measures, the union representing the casinos' employees says half its members are being let go.

Layoffs will start July 21. The remaining employees will see their work schedules reduced and salaries frozen.

The Montreal Casino will open August 3, while the Trois-Rivieres and Mont Tremblant Casinos will open July 16.

Those planning to gamble will also have to be ready for changes. Just 250 people will be allowed in each section of the Montreal Casino, and there are six sections opening. Gamblers will also need to reserve online to get a time slot to enter and masks will be mandatory.

There will be fewer players per table, and those playing on touch-screen slot machines will get a rubber pen so their fingers aren’t touching the device.

All bars and venues will remain closed, and many of the province’s casinos will have reduced hours.


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