Quebec chemists offer to supervise the production of industrial disinfectants

The Ordre des chimistes du Quebec (OCQ) is offering to help Quebec companies that have started to produce disinfectants to meet the needs for supplies due to COVID-19.

This comes at a time when there is a shortage of certain products, such as hand sanitizer

“We have recently observed that several Quebec companies are converting their production to adapt to COVID-19,” said Michel Alsayegh, president of the OCQ, in a news release on Sunday. “For our part, we want to offer our help to these companies, which may sometimes need it in order to comply with the rules. We want to make sure that the products that will be consumed by Quebecers are safe.”

Alsayegh said converting production also involves a lot of changes and new conditions to respect. The production of industrial disinfectants requires manufacturers to comply with several sanitary measures and master specific skills in chemistry, said the president of the OCQ.

 “Despite the emergency context which leads companies to convert their production, they must guarantee the quality, efficiency and safety of the product they manufacture,” said Alsayegh.

 The OCQ can put the different companies in touch with its members, some 2,800 chemists who conform to a code of ethics.

This article by La Presse Canadienne was first published on May 3, 2020.


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