Quebec climate activists confront party leaders before Sept. 2 federal election debate

A group of climate activists confronted federal candidates about climate change and the fossil fuel sector this evening, meeting the party leaders outside the TVA offices in Montreal as they made their way inside for the Sept. 2 debate.

Armed with signs demanding climate action and chanting for the end of fossil fuels, demonstrators asked party leaders to act fast.

“They’re disconnected from the population, from what science is asking us to do. We need to stop expanding fossil fuels, reduce it quickly, but parties are not responding,” said Patrick Bonin, a campaigner with Greenpeace Quebec.

The forest fires in B.C. this year are a clear indicator that action is needed now, not later on, added Bonin.

To highlight the urgency of their message, demonstrators created a simulated forest fire using smoke bombs and handheld emergency flares.

The demonstration was organized by the Planète s’invitent au Parlement, which was behind the massive Montreal climate march in 2019, as well as Greenpeace Québec and Extinction Rébellion Québec.


-- This is a developing story that will be updated.


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