Quebec Finance minister to meet with anglophones ahead of next budget

Carlos Leitao

The Quebec government continues to reach out to anglophones.

Quebec Finance minister Carlos Leitao will be meeting with them on Wednesday ahead of his next budget.

As part of consultations preparing for the budget, he's holding a private meeting with several anglo groups at McGill University seeking feedback on how Quebec should spend money.

The Quebec Community Groups Network calls it a move in the right direction, but added anglos should have been approached before. 

"We’ve never been included at all in the past and since we are being included this time, we have to say we’re very pleased. But next year, we would like to be engaged in the whole process from the beginning” said QCGN spokesperson Geoffrey Chambers in an interveiw with CTV.

Chambers went on to say, "there are very large structural questions, which realistically we can’t really raise now. We do have opinions about them". 

He also said  the group wants Quebec to invest more in the newly-created secretariat for English-speaking Quebecers, adding it would allow them to hire more people so they can conduct research into the community’s needs. 

Minister for English-Speaking Quebecers Kathleen Weil held a forum in Montreal last month with several anglophone groups and talked about the budget, expected within weeks.

She said at the time Leitao was planning to meet them.



-With files from CTV News


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