Quebec government denies link between assault outside Quebec City mosque and secularism bill

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The Legault government said there's no connection between its proposed secularism bill and a weekend assault outside a Quebec City mosque where 6 worshipers were gunned down in 2017.

Immigration minister Simon Jolin-Barette, among others, made the comment during the CAQ's Montreal convention.

"There's no tension and there's no division," he said. "I'm very clear about that", said Jolin-Barette.

He added "Bill 21 is making a clear separation between state and all the religions".

He wasn't the only one speaking out after the incident in the provincial capital. 

"There's no link between the 21 Bill and what happened in Quebec City," premier Francois Legault said.

"There is no link to be made between Bill 21, which is moderate and pragmatic," said Genevieve Guilbault, the province's minister for public safety. 

The weekend incident outside the mosque involved taxi drivers.


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