Quebec grants additional $22M for unsubsidized childcare

The Quebec government will be granting $22 million in financial assistance to unsubsidized daycare centres until June 19, in addition to the $30.5 million that has already been granted.

The Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, said this support is to ensure that the network can handle the demand imposed by Quebec’s gradual reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With parents set to go back to work, many children will need to be looked after. 

The presidents of two prominent provincial associations related to unsubsidized childcare have expressed gratitude toward Lacombe’s team, saying he is putting proper measures in place to prepare for the province’s gradual deconfinement. 

Earlier this week, Lacombe expressed concern about daycares becoming overwhelmed, going so far as to encourage parents to keep their children at home if at all possible. He suggested having them looked after by a relative, a student, or a grandparent, while respecting social distancing guidelines within the home. 

On Wednesday, Quebec recorded its first COVID-19 outbreak at a daycare designated for the children of essential service workers in the Lanaudière region. Twelve out of 27 children at the daycare contracted COVID-19, as well as four employees.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 8, 2020.


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