Quebec head-shaving fundraiser for children with cancer to move online amid COVID-19 pandemic

The annual Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, which raises money and awareness for Quebec children who have cancer, will, like so many other activities during the current COVID-19 confinement, be moving online.

The virtual head-shavings will take place on May 31 on Leucan's Facebook page.

The Shaved Head Challenge sees participants raise money in exchange for pledging to shave their heads, in solidarity with children with cancer, many of whom lose their hair during their chemotherapy treatments.

"We'd like to see at last 1,000 people join the movement," Quebec pop star and Leucan spokesperson Marie-Mai said in the video below, which was published Wednesday on social media. "We want the province of Quebec to vibrate with the sound of electric razors on May 31.

"I did it and, honestly, it's one of the best decisions of my life. It's freeing and so significant for young people and children who don't have that choice."

This year's Shaved Head Challenge is the 20th organized by Leucan.

"We want to gather everyone and celebrate 20 years of solidarity," Lysanne Groulx, Leucan's provincial director for annual campaigns and communications, said in a statement. "Most of all, we want to show families with a child who has cancer that all of Quebec has their back."

You can find out how to take part in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge here.


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