Quebec Judge OKs class action against Fortnite maker


A class action lawsuit filed against the maker of the popular video game Fortnite was given the green light by a Quebec Judge on Wednesday.

Judge Sylvain Lussier ruled that Fortnite might not have been designed with the intention of being addictive but there is no doubt the effect the game has had on some children.

Montreal-based Calex Legal Inc. filed the suit in 2019 on behalf of two parents who allege their sons, 10 and 15, became dependent on the game.

The suit compares the addiction to the game to that of a drug addition, citing addiction psychologist Dr. Anita Ghadia-Smith who said a Fortnite addiction is similar to that of cocaine.

In 2018, the World Health Organization declared video game addiction a disease.

Class-action lawyers who presented the case liken it to the civil suit against the tobacco industry that alleged there was an intention to create something that would cause addiction without having the proper warnings.

The class action covers players who live in Quebec and who have become addicted to Fortnite since 2017. The law firm at the helm said any potential compensation would be determined by the court.

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