Quebec man avoids drunk driving charge by the skin of his missing teeth

false teeth

A Quebec man escaped an impaired driving charge because he has no teeth.

The 62-year-old was stopped at a roadblock in the Saquenay region in 2019. He told the Quotidien newspaper he had just left a Jonquière bar after having three beers.

Police said there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from the man's vehicle so they had him take a breathalyzer test.

There was one problem: the man had just had his all his teeth pulled as part of a medical procedure. 

He tried and tried but couldn't produce a reading. After his third attempt the man offered to go to a hospital and give a blood sample, but his proposal was rejected by police. He was arrested for refusing to provide a breath sample, which automatically results in a charge of impaired driving.

This week a judge ruled that the man's health problems and offer to submit a blood sample were enough to cast reasonable doubt on the prosecutions claim that his lack of teeth should not have prevented him from blowing an accurate reading into the breathalyzer. 

The man was acquitted of the charge.


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