Quebec moose decides to hop a fence and go for a swim in a backyard pool

A moose was taking a stroll in Trois-Rivieres when the animal decided to jump a fence and go for a swim in a backyard pool. SOURCE: Facebook/Andreanne Samson

Residents of a neighbourhood in Trois-Rivières west had quite a surprise on Friday morning when a moose made an impromptu visit to rue Jacques-Ferron and fell into an in-ground pool.

At around 8:50 a.m., the animal was seen walking in the middle of the street in this residential area.

“My friend and I were taking our college zoom course online. I veered around and saw the moose in front of my house. I screamed!" said Cindy Pellerin.

The two women went outside, not knowing what to do about the situation. The moose continued for a few dozen yards, then jumped over a fence to find itself on the back lot of another residence.

“He landed directly in the in-ground pool. He was panicking and managed to get out of the pool after two or three minutes. He jumped over the fence and fled towards the river," said Pellerin.

The two citizens then lost track of the animal and quickly contacted emergency services to report its presence. Trois-Rivières police confirm that other witnesses saw the beast heading towards a forest in the following minutes.


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