Quebec now has its own far-right Front National party


A new extreme right-wing party in Quebec not only wants to end reasonable accommodation — it wants to destroy every mosque in the province.

The Front National du Québec — modelled after the French hard-right party of the same name — registered with Elections Quebec this month.

Founder Daniel Boucher, a former member of the Parti Québecois and one-time supporter of the old Canadian Alliance party, says Quebec's Front National is just getting organized, but its goal is to field a full slate of 125 candidates for the next Quebec election in 2018.

Boucher says Jacques Parizeau was right on referendum night in 1995 when he blamed sovereignty's loss on money and the ethnic vote.

He says the Front would declare independence straight away following an election victory. The new country, he says, would have its own currency and its own central bank, and would nationalize banking institutions and natural resources.

Boucher says he doesn't have a problem with other religions, but his party would essentially make Islam illegal.

"Mosques would be destroyed and Islam would be forbidden in the Country of Quebec," the party's web site reads. "Because believing that Islam is compatible with our culture is like believing that if you feed an alligator salad, it would end up becoming vegetarian."

Boucher says he was inspired by a meeting last March with France's Front National leader Marine Le Pen.


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