Quebec plans to reform the rental board doesn't have many fans

Apartments 2 (CTV News)

There's one thing Quebec groups representing tenants and landlords agree on; legislation aimed at reforming the rental board falls short.

Housing Minister Andrée Laforest tabled legislation Wednesday aimed at hiring more judges and staff for the board.

As well, the law would increase the powers of board staff members. 

The minister says that would cut the wait time to two months from about 16 months.

"We want a major reform of the rental board, to be changed completely in order to protect tenants and more", said Maxime Roy-Allard, spokesperson for tenants’ rights group RACLALQ, who spoke with CTV.

The group says new investments in affordable housing are needed to keep low income tenants from turning to the rental board for protection.

CORPIQ, the Real Estate Owners Corporation of Quebec, says the bill is "not a major reform that gives landlords and even tenants what's expected.

"It's not a major reform that gives landlords and even tenants what we expect from this tribunal,” said Hans Brouillette, who speaks for CORPIQ.

Brouillette said 60% of complaints are for late payment of rent or for eviction notices, adding that it’s not uncommon for a tenant to have left a building before the complaint about a rent increase or similar matter has been handled.


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