Quebec's curfew: here's a list of what you can and can't do

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by Daniel J. Rowe, CTV Montreal

Starting Saturday, a curfew will be in effect in Quebec for all regions except the Nord-du-Quebec administrative region.

Quebecers will need to stay in their homes from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. or risk a fine of up to $6,000. until Feb. 8.

Below is a breakdown of the new regulations that will come into force on the weekend.


Curfew exceptions

  •  People are permitted to leave their homes for health-care and humanitarian reasons or priority work
  •  Residents can walk their dogs within one kilometre of their homes
  •  Gas stations and pharmacies may remain open
  •  Travel is permitted for those travelling to and from adult education or training school
  •  Those transporting goods and those managing supply chains can continue to operate
  •  Travellers heading to an airport, bus or train station are permitted to do so

Indoor/outdoor visits to homes and cottages

  •  Multiple visitors are not permitted at your home from another address
  •  Private indoor gatherings are not permitted
  •  Single individuals are permitted to visit from another address
  •  One informal caregiver is permitted
  •  Service or support workers are permitted
  •  People are already hired for work are permitted

What will be closed

  •  Grocery stores at depanneurs are required to close at 7:30 p.m.
  •  Ski resorts are required to close for night skiing
  •  Non-essential businesses and offices (staff is required to work from home)
  •  Beauty salons
  •  Restaurant dining areas (delivery only during curfew hours)
  •  Saunas and spas (except for massage therapy services)
  •  Drop-in daycare centres
  •  Libraries except for circulation purposes
  •  Indoor sports activities except for physical education classes in schools, professional sports and identified athlete training with permission from Quebec public health authorities
  •  Auditoriums, cinemas, theatres, and museums
  •  READ MORE: What is considered an essential service in Quebec? Here's a list

Here's what will be tolerated

  •  Sports and recreational activities within family bubbles
  •  Outdoor activities such as walking, skating, skiing and cross-country skiing that are NOT in groups (traffic must be monitored at outdoor sites with controlled access)
  •  Downhill skiing
  •  On-site pickup at retail businesses for products purchased online
  •  Funerals with a maximum of 10 people excluding funeral establishment staff (no food or alcohol may be served)
  •  Demonstrations, but with mandatory mask-wearing or face covering
  •  Community organizations' services


  •  Childcare services within the accommodation limits (children cannot lose their places if parents decide not to send their children to the childcare service)
  •  Preschool and elementary education will restart Monday with classes required to operate following public health measures
  •  Secondary school will continue with distanced learning services until Jan. 18 when classes resume
  •  Lunch is to be taken with students from one stable classroom group
  •  Lunch with students from a stable classroom group
  •  Measures do not apply to students with disabilities or those experiencing adjustment or learning difficulties attending a specialized school, special class or the Work-Oriented Training Pathway
  •  Adult education programs to restart Jan. 18 with distanced education emphasized
  •  Higher education continued using maximizing distance teaching activities
  •  Internships and laboratories are maintained for adult education and higher education programs

For all education levels:

  •  Extracurricular activities are suspended
  •  School outings and inter-school activities are suspended
  •  Visitors to schools to be kept to a minimum


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