Quebec Storm: What to do when the lights come back on?

MONTREAL -- Quebec Premier Francois Legault said in a news conference yesterday that the vast majority of the 990,000 homes that lost power will have it again by Sunday night.

With power returning to homes, Hydro-Quebec is advising citizens follow certain procedures to avoid further damage to electrical grids or property.

  • If you were required to leave your home or business, wait for official notice that it's safe to go back in the building.
  • If there is damage to electrical installations, have a certified electrician inspect them.
  • Gradually turn on electrical appliances including baseboard heaters and other heating appliances.
  • Once the power is on, check if the electrical installation has been damaged. If there are sparks, frayed wires, or burning smells turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Call a certified electrician.
  • Do not walk through water to get to a circuit breaker or fuse box.
  • Check food left in the refrigerator and freezer to see if any has spoiled.
  • Restock emergency kits and provisions.

Le nombre de clients privés d’électricité est maintenant de 175 000, alors qu’il y en avait 950 000 au plus fort de l'événement vendredi. Nous avons toujours plus de 1000 personnes sur le terrain aujourd'hui et nous poursuivrons jusqu'à ce que tous nos clients seront rebranchés!

— Hydro-Québec (@client_hydro) November 3, 2019

For those still without power, Hydro Quebec advises residents to keep track of service interruptions on the web through mobile devices or battery-powered radio in addition to the following instructions.

  • Unplug devices to avoid short circuits and other damage when service is restored.
  • Get organized safely.
  • Do not use fuel-burning heaters, lights, generators or portable stoves for outdoor use. They have no exhaust systems to evacuate carbon monoxide.
  • Be careful with generators. They must be installed by a certified electrician to avoid electrocution, short circuit or fire.
  • If you leave the house, shut off the water, unplug all electrical devices and ensure that all fires are out and the kitchen range is off.