Quebec to confirm May 14 as end date for mandatory masking

As they forecasted last week, Quebec public health authorities are set to commit to May 14 as the day when the province will drop its mask mandate in most places.

Last Thursday, interim public health director Dr. Luc Boileau said that health experts were planning to recommend that date to end the mask rule, but that he would wait until early this week to confirm.

A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday, and sources confirmed to Noovo Info that Boileau will officially mark May 14 on the calendar.

The province will continue to require masks on public transit and in health-care spaces after that date, but the requirement to wear masks in most other public spaces will be dropped as of the 14th, which is a week from this Saturday.

Boileau said that the sixth wave is clearly on the wane at this point, especially after having time to look at the data after Easter weekend.

He also said last Thursday that the provincial officials "do not wish" to bring back mandatory masking again, even if a new wave arrives in the fall, though he admitted it's impossible to predict what may happen.

Dropping the mandate is not to say that nobody should wear a mask anymore, Boileau said, but rather that people will move to making their own decisions -- including those with higher risk, who he expects will decide to continue masking, asking everyone to "respect" others' choices.


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