Quebecers not waiting as long for medical treatment

Doctor patient

Health care wait times are down dramatically from last year and according to the Fraser Institute, Quebec patients are among the fastest to be seen by specialists nationwide.

The median wait time in the province dropped to just below 16 weeks, down from over 20 weeks last year.

Only Ontario and Manitoba are faster than Quebec.

The shortest wait time was for cancer treatment and less than 4 weeks.

But, CJAD 800 Medical expert Dr. Mitch Schulman says even at the low end of the average, there is plenty of work left to do.

"Having to wait almost a month when you've been given a diagnosis of cancer, is still not really acceptable," said Shulman. 

He says lack of access to a family doctor is one of the main reasons for long wait times.

"What you're effectively doing is, you're forcing people to go see a specialist sooner and maybe be followed by the specialist, because they can't get access to a family doctor," he said. 

Shulman says there should be more focus on preventative care.