Questions remain in wake of closure of CHSLD Herron in Dorval


A lot of questions are being asked following the news of the closure of the CHSLD Herron in Dorval, hard hit by COVID in the spring when at least 38 residents died.

The West Island regional health agency in charge of the CHSLD Herron said there are over 50 residents who have to be relocated.

The agency said their permit for long term care beds was adjusted to make way for these extra residents in the system and families will have a choice between the private and public system.

But that may not be easy, said Jeff Begley, president of the health and social services arm of the CSN union, which does not represent workers at the nursing home.

"Choices of where (residents) may be moving to are going to be kind of limited according to the availability and cost and so on and so forth," said Begley.

Begley said the Legault government missed an opportunity to take over the private seniors home.

"There's a huge need for these rooms and if we had put this in a public situation, then we could also put a relief on some of the places where things are strained," said Begley.

The health minister did not provide an explanation yesterday on why it couldn't take over the residence.

Begley said 150 long term care beds will be gone once the Herron shuts down for good.

"Those beds, if we'd have opened those beds, it would have been assuring that the people in the most need have those places," said Begley.

"It keeps a huge pressure, not only on the public sector, but on the parents and the families of these people that need this care and don't have access."

Groupe Katasa, which is ceasing operations at the CHSLD Herron, has not yet responded to requests for comment from CJAD 800.


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