Recall: Ground meat sold at Marche Adonis in Laval may contain harmful E. Coli

Recalled ground beef sold at Adonis Laval.

Ground beef sold at an Adonis grocery store in Laval should not be consumed, the Quebec ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food announced on Friday.

The ground beef may contain harmful amounts of E. Coli that could produce dangerous shiga toxins, the ministry wrote in a press release. It was sold at Marche Adonis Laval, located at 2425 Curé Labelle Boulevard, in Laval.

The following products, of varying weights that were packaged and sold on Jan. 30, 2020, are subject to the recall. They were placed in trays and wrapped in clear plastic wrap.

  • Lean ground milk-fed veal (Veau lait Hache maigre)
  • Semi-lean ground beef (Boeuf Hache mi-maigre)
  • Lean ground beef (Boeuf Hache maigre)
  • Extra-lean ground beef (Boeuf Hache extra-maigre)
  • Beef, pork and veal ground (Trio viande de boeuf, pork et veau)
  • Ground beef and lamb (Boeuf et agneau hache)

Only products sold on Jan. 30, 2020 are subject to the recall, the ministry wrote. If you have one or more of the products recalled, don't consume them, the ministry warned. Throw them out or bring them back to the store.

Eating food contaminated by E. Coli can cause serious illness, but proper cooking destroys the bacteria. "Preparing ready meals, such as spaghetti sauce, shepherd's pie and meat pie, requires a fairly long cooking time and a high enough temperature to destroy the bacteria," the ministry said.

No illnesses have been reported in connection with the recall.