Remembrance Day: Paying tribute to Veterans as well as reservists


Canadians are paying tribute to Veterans on this Remembrance Day  - as well as to reservists who helped out in seniors homes during the pandemic in the spring.

Sgt Brigitte O'Driscoll of the Royal Montreal Regiment took time off from her firefighting job to help out in seniors homes in Westmount and downtown. 

O'Driscoll said she and others in her platoon were given a crash course in PPE and basic care including feeding and bathing seniors homes residents, something they'd never done before.

"It was a really direct contact with the citizens that we served. We don't often get  that kind of interaction with these people so directly, so to be able to directly impact people's lives was a good experience and one I'll remember forever, " O'Driscoll told the Andrew Carter Show.

Verdun city councillor Sterling Downey pays tribute to his Royal Canadian Navy Veteran dad but also reservists in a new documentary, saying they are sometimes forgotten for their service in emergency situations such as the 1998 Ice Storm and major flooding.



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