Report recommends EMSB chair be barred from future elections


An independent report into English Montreal School Board Chair Angela Mancini recommends the government declare her and her supporters and proxies ineligible to run for school elections again.

Earlier this year Mancini filed a six-page complaint against other members of the board, claiming to have suffered all forms of harassment over the course of four years. EMSB trustee Marlene Jennings asked human resources and labour relations firm Steven Droz & Associates Inc. to investigate the allegations. 

According to Droz, Mancini's complaints were unfounded, pursued in a vexatious and bad faith manner and contributed to the dysfunction of the board that ultimately led to it being placed under trusteeship. The report goes on to say that Mancini looked to discredit commissioners while presenting herself as the victim.

The report summary states the evidence collected found Mancini to be manipulative, incapable of accepting responsibility, intolerant of anyone who disagrees with her and sees those disagreements as a personal attack.

Droz went on to note he believes Mancini's actions, behaviour and conduct not only violate several sections of the EMSB's policies on harassment, ethics and professional conduct but the Education Act as well. As a result, the report recommends the CAQ government take the "unusual but necessary steps" to bar Mancini from running in the upcoming service centre election (November 6, 2020) and any future election.

The specialist also recommends the government do the same for Mancini's supporters and proxies.


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