Researchers looking for women pregnant during COVID-19 pandemic to study health impacts


Did you have a baby or are you having a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Researchers led by Ste Justine Hospital want to talk to you for a major study on how the confinement measures affected you and your family.

Confinement, social distancing, school closures, quarantine, restrictions on who can be with you in hospital - these are just some of the factors that could affect the physical and mental health of pregnant women and their newborns. 

Lead researcher Dr. Anick Bérard of Ste Justine Hospital said the study participants' experiences could help in seeing how they were affected and in mapping out measures in case of a second COVID wave.

"Which restrictions act the best for pregnant women? Because obviously a healthy mother will lead to a healthy childhood and family afterwards because mothers remain the main caregivers," said Bérard in an interview with CJAD 800.

Bérard said past studies have shown that major stressful episodes such as the 1998 ice storm can have a big impact on pregnancy, mothers and their newborns

"Anxiety, stress during pregnancy can be associated with various adverse pregnancy outcome. For mothers, mothers who are depressed and anxious are more likely to have post-partum depression , for example," said Bérard.

Theyve recruited around 600 participants so far and are looking for 5000 total from across Canada and around the world. Results are expected in early fall.

For more information or to participate, go to the Facebook page of the Conception study.


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