Restaurant owner reopens during pandemic only to face roadwork - again


A Montreal restaurateur says he's plagued once again by roadwork outside his business, just as he's allowed to reopen during the pandemic.

Ted Dranias is no stranger to roadwork hindering access and parking to his restaurants - he sold his flagship Italian restaurant on Notre Dame at Guy after five years of dealing with roadwork in the area.

Last year he moved his neighbouring restaurant, Petros to William St. in Griffintown. He waited for roadwork to end before opening last December.

Then Dranias's restaurant along with everything else was forced to close during the height of the pandemic.

And now that he's able to reopen, he isn't able to have a terrace because of a new bike path and the street is being dug up again, this time for electrical work.

"They were there, the trenches were out - they could have done the electrical part, maybe they would have inconvenienced me an extra week or two. Why redig it up? It seems to be an ongoing saga in Montreal," said Dranias.

The city has said in the past that they try to manage roadwork and inform merchants the best they can, barring any last minute changes. The work on streets around William should last until the fall.

"The fact that we have to deal with a pandemic and city logistics and glitches, it is hard," said Dranias.

"I'd love to own a pylon company rather than a restaurant these days."


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