Revenu Quebec says more tax returns filed electronically for 2021

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Revenu Quebec says more people filed their taxes electronically for the 2021 period than previous years.

In 2020, 91.7 per cent of returns were received electronically, compared to 92.4 per cent this year.

The deadline to file a Quebec tax return for the 2021 period was Monday before midnight.

Of the 5,948,000 returns filed, 5,494,000 were sent electronically.

Revenu Quebec says it encourages individuals to use its electronic services because it allows greater flexibility, reduces the risk of errors and speeds up processing and refunds.

As of Monday, 82.7 per cent of individuals who received a notice of assessment are entitled to a refund.

An additional 16.8 per cent have a balance owing of $1,360 on average.

Individuals who cannot pay the amount owing in one lump sum due to their financial situation can pay Revenu Quebec in instalments until the amount owing, including interest, is paid in full.

-- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on May 4, 2022. 


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