Rick Leckner joins CJAD 800's Wall of Fame


The man who became synonymous with traffic reporting in Montreal became the latest honouree Tuesday on CJAD 800's Wall of Fame.

Rick Leckner joined CJAD 800 in 1969 as a news reporter, and later, he became best known as the station's eye in the sky, riding the CJAD 800 helicopter to deliver traffic reports. During his long association with CJAD 800, he covered everything from the October Crisis to the 1987 floods which washed out the Decarie Expressway.

His being named to the Wall of Fame was a surprise — he dropped by the station Tuesday afternoon for an interview with Aaron Rand, as part of the long list of names and voices from CJAD 800's past to share their recollections on the station's 75th birthday, and learned of the honour live on air.

"This is the icing on the cake," Leckner told Aaron, "but Montrealers deserve the thanks because they are the ones that made the station."

Earlier in the day, longtime CJAD 800 host Jack Finnigan was also honoured with a spot on the Wall of Fame — complete with his own Aislin caricature.

Together, they joined legends like George Balcan, Gord Sinclair, Ted Blackman and Tommy Schnurmacher on the Wall.


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