Safety concerns over hundreds of used tires at garages as Recyc-Que deals with bottleneck

Used tires

Some garages in the west end of the city say the Quebec government's used tire pick-up service has been so slow, they're having to store hundred of tires that could become a safety hazard.

"We presently have about a thousand tires," said Celso Louro, manager at Merson Automotive in NDG.

Louro told CJAD 800 that the last time their used and damaged tires were picked up was at the end of October, despite emailing and calling Recyc-Quebec every week.

"Somebody could come along and set them on fire or something. That's never a good idea," said Louro.

Same problem over at nearby Gordon's Tires.

"If 1600 tires go up in smoke, there's a lot of condos around here, and I'd hate to think what would happen if they ever lit up," said manager Rick Pavlopoulos.

In an email statement, Recyc-Quebec spokesperson told CJAD 800 that they try to pick up the tires after a maximum of 20 days but since the new winter tire law came into effect, there's been a bottleneck during this period, promising they will follow up with the tire collection in this sector. They added that they serve 11,000 garages and the number of used tires on the ground has been going down by about 5% since mid-December.

"I know they're saying that it's their busy time and they should pick up normally within their 20-day delay but I've been trying to get a hold of someone since the middle of November. They came by last Friday - they picked up 300 tires and left me with 1600," said Pavlopoulos.

"At this rate, we'll be stocking up tires, myself and Merson, we'll be stocking up on tires on St. Jacques at this rate."