Sarah's Weekend List: July 23-25

This is what YOU will look like when you enter The Infinite - but what you will be seeing will be a 360 view of the International Space Station! PHOTO: William Arcand - Centre Phi
Sarah Deshaies produces the Andrew Carter Morning Show. Every Friday at 8:20am, she tells you about the big, quirky and off-the-beaten-path events happening in Montreal. Here is this week's list, with links for more information so you can get out and enjoy the city! Submit your event to

Want to go to space, for a fraction of the cost and without any air sickness or g-force? The Phi Centre presents The Infinite, a brand new show at the Arsenal gallery in Griffintown. Would-be astronauts strap on virtual reality headsets, then walk into a cavernous room. But what your eyes see is a slightly smaller version of the International Space Station. Stepping aboard, you reach out to activate capsules that bring you elbow-to-elbow with actual astronauts, like Quebec's own David Saint-Jacques. In these 360-degree capsules, the space travellers explain how they work, eat and exercise 400 kilometres from home. Since it's the Phi Centre, the VR show is then complemented by two immersive art projects inspired by the themes at hand. It's a vivid, thrilling and educational adventure - no spacesuit required - brought to you by a collaboration with NASA, the ISS National Lab, Time Studios and Montreal outfit Felix & Paul Studios. Appropriate for ages 8 and up. 

The travelling  Grand PoutineFest of Old Port is setting up shop in the Old Port near the Clock Tower, Take your pick from over 20 poutines, groove to live DJs and watch live performances by Cirque Eloize. Until August 1. 

New releases in theatres and on demand this weekend include Snake Eyes, a cliché-heavy spin-off from the GI Joe universe. Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding is Snake Eyes, a loner and a fighter who teams up with an ancient clan. They train and inculcate him: but what will Snake Eyes do when asked to commit murder? And M. Night Shyamalan's Old sets up vacationing families on an idyllic, secluded beach. This being Shyamalan, master of horror, the vacationers start to mysteriously age - and die - as they race to find a way off the mysterious beach. 

POP Montreal is teaming up with PedalBox Gallery to present MDP at Entrepot 77 a family-friendly participatory art-making event. This Sunday, take part in two workshops: a paper theatre puppet workshop and weaving techniques that incorporate common materials found around your home. Sunday, 1:30 to 4:30pm at 77 Bernard East. 

La Tohu kicks off Les week-ends cirque, a program of three different shows presented every weekend. This Saturday and Sunday, take in Ce qu'il nous reste by Stéphane Gentillini et Evelyne Laforest, En écho by La Quadrature and Cirqu’Avélo – la déraille en balade by Marguerite à bicyclette. The venue also offers 'picnic bubbles', a sit-down meal you can grab before or after the show. Until August 29. And Aux balcons Saint-Michel unleashes acrobats and other performers into the streets of La Tohu's neighbourhood, with pop-up performances every weekend, until September 6. 

Electronic music producer Maxime Dangles and visual artist Dylan bring the sea to you in Ecosysteme. This immersive journey started with a team of marine ecology researchers, and evolved into an imaginative, atmospheric exploration of life underwater. At the Satosphere until August 21. 

An Epic Eagles tribute show takes over BLVD Bar & Grill in Chateauguay, Friday, 7pm. 

NDG rocker Mike Uzan puts on a front yard show with his bandmates. Catch MikeFest on Beaconsfield below Somerled, Friday 3-4:30pm. 

New in streaming: feel-good comedy Ted Lasso is back for season two on Apple TV+. SNL alum Jason Sudeikis plays Ted, a football coach who is recruited to coach the other kind of football across the pond. Hijinks ensue as the ever-optimistic Ted learns the ropes and rules of real soccer. The show earned 20 Emmy noms last week. 

And on Netflix: Sexy Beasts is a new dating show that is, if not memorable, definitely meme-able. Think The Masked Singer meets Love is Blind, as participants have their features completely obscured by extensive prosthetics. Each episode, one protagonist chooses from three "beasts" who compete with winks, chemistry and earnest charms. I greatly enjoyed James the toothy beaver picking from a leopard, a zombie and a pixie, and Kariselle, a "psychopath" panda eager to settle down - but will she choose the tin man, alien or a bull? 

Netflix, which has mined observant Jewish storylines for fictional hits like Unorthodox and Shtisel, adapts the theme to reality TV with My Unorthodox Life. Meet Julia Haart, a mom-of-four who grew up in a cloistered Jewish community in New Jersey. She eventually left her community after her divorce, remarried and forged a glamorous career in fashion. She and her children remain close, and share how they now navigate mainstream life while preserving connections to their community, faith and family.  


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