Senior on Montreal's South Shore says house cleaners are refusing masks, putting her at risk

The daughter of a South-Shore senior says she's concerned a cleaning company is putting her mother at risk by not following proper COVID-19 protocols. 

The complaint came from Chateauguay, where the woman's mother, at 90 years old, lives alone. 

After pausing some of its services during the first wave of COVID-19, the local CLSC recently resumed sending a cleaning company to the senior's home every few weeks. 

But according to what the woman told her daughter, the cleaners refuse to wear a mask while inside the home.

"I don’t want to say I didn’t believe my mother, because I really did believe her, but I found it so odd they would be coming to the seniors' homes maskless," said Gaby Morency, the daughter. 

But it turned out to be true, Morency said.

She says she reached out repeatedly to the cleaning company, and that she finally got an explanation. 

"The cleaning ladies they really need to run, and it’s not efficient when they wear a mask, they can’t move as quickly," Morency says she was told.

"And I was really taken aback."

The cleaning company told CTV News that it asks all employees to wear masks inside people's homes, and will be following up to ensure all staff comply. It said that the "appropriate disciplinary measures" would be taken.

The regional heath authority said it's concerned by the complaint. It says cleaning companies are provided personal protective equipment, and while masks are not mandatory if two metres can be respected, they are strongly recommended.

It's another issue that's also made more pressing by winter's arrival. When it was warmer, Morency says her mother would wait outside while the cleaner did their job. But with the cold weather setting in, that won't be an option.

"She’s come a couple of times now, maskless," she said. "Now my mother is hopefully wearing her mask, but really, it’s an accident waiting to happen."


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