Site of infamous former Hells Angels Quebec den sold for $710,000

Quebec has sold the former Hells Angels den in Sherbrooke, Que. for close to three-quarters of a million dollars.

Quebec's Crown prosecutors' office said in a news release Tuesday that the profits generated from the $710,000 sale will go to the Victims of Crime Fund, community organizations involved in crime prevention and police forces that participated in the operations that led to the property being seized.

"The [Crown] considers that this sale contributes to the assistance of victims as well as to the prevention and suppression of crime and thus constitutes an important benefit for Quebec society," the release said.

The property on Wellington St. South in Sherbrooke and the adjacent land were seized in the wake of the SharQC (Stratégie Hells Angels Rayon Québec) Operation in 2009 and were turned over to the Quebec Attorney General in 2020.

Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier voiced his desire at the time to have the bunker destroyed, as the building was the site of serious crimes.

In March of 1985, five members of the Hells Angels from another chapter who had been victims of an ambush were executed there.

In June 2021, the former red-roofed building was demolished, and the land was put up for sale.

At the time, it was valued at $538,000.

The DPCP sold the land on behalf of the attorney general. 


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