Social housing construction could stimulate Quebec economy: advocates

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MONTREAL -- One of Montreal's leading housing advocacy groups is urging the Francois Legault administration to take action as the government prepares to give an economic update.

The Popular Action Front in Urban Reorganization (FRAPRU) is planning to put up posters in several major Quebec cities in the coming days. Some were already up in Montreal on Sunday.

The Coalition Avenir Quebec government had previously promised to deliver 15,000 social housing units promised by previous administrations, but has not yet done so. According to FRAPRU, only 2,400 units have been built so far.

FRAPRU spokesperson Veronique Laflamme called on Housing Minister Andree Laforest to promise to make up the 13,000 unit difference in the economic update. Laflamme said construction of the units would also help stimulate the economy.

“Social housing can very well fit into this recovery and not only can it be, but it should be part of it,” she said. “This is what the Legault government says it wants.”


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