Sofiane Ghazi still seeking new lawyer as he tries to withdraw guilty plea for killing baby


The Montreal man who is seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in the stabbing of his pregnant ex and the death of their unborn child in 2017 is still without a lawyer after getting rid of his defence team last month.

Sofiane Ghazi had pleaded guilty early last month to reduced charges of second degree murder and aggravated assault. 

But during his sentencing hearing two weeks later, Ghazi's lawyers announced they were withdrawing from the case because their client was firing them.

Ghazi said in court at the time that he was misled and misinformed and that he wanted to take back his guilty plea.

The judge gave him until today to find a new lawyer.

Ghazi was back in court this morning but without an attorney.

Ghazi told the court that the lawyer he contacted only informed him at the last minute yesterday she would not be representing him.

Judge Jean-François Buffoni took the rare step of calling the lawyer in the courtroom and putting her on speakerphone to double check.

Buffoni then put out a call for a legal aid lawyer who will take the next two weeks to look into the case and see if she'll take it on.

During the short-lived trial, the court heard that Ghazi stabbed his ex-wife in the belly with a meat carving fork, upset she had called police on him because she suspected Ghazi of consuming drugs and told him to leave the family home.

Ghazi remains in custody.