Some public transit riders in Montreal aren't wearing masks despite Quebec order

Montreal bus and metro riders are still required to wear a mask, but some riders say not everyone follows the rules.

Last week, Quebec dropped the mask mandate except in health-care facilities or on public transportation, where people often pack into tight spaces.

Those in the stations do not have to wear masks, but they do on trains and buses.

The STM said that the majority of people riding the bus and metro do wear masks, but, because it's a provincial mandate, the STM cannot enforce the rules.

It's the Montreal police's (SPVM) job.

Montreal public health said the rules are being respected for the most part.

"There's a good use of masks on public transit," said Montreal public health director Dr. Mylene Douin. "It's not a risk to the population."

Other doctors, however, believe with COVID-19 still ever-present, it's worth reminding the public of the benefits.

"The problem is being on public transport is a high-risk environment for spreading disease," said Dr. Christopher Labos.

"If you've ever been in a situation where someone coughed on you in the metro, you will understand how easy it is to spread an illness in that setting. When you have a bunch of people packed together in a confined space, it's easy to spread germs and viruses from one person to another, so wearing a mask in public transport, I think, is a good idea." 


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