Some smokers still not butting out on terrasses


Smoking on terrasses has been outlawed in Quebec for over 4 months now, but are smokers listening and are venues enforcing the ban?

Figures obtained from the Quebec Ministry of Health show that in inspecting over 1860 terrasses between May and mid-September, 33 smokers were found lighting up and ticketed.

Over 100 tickets were handed out to bars and restaurants: 90 for tolerating smoking on their premises and another 13 for having inadequate signage or notices about the new no-smoking rules.

In all, one in 13 inspection visits resulted in tickets being handed out for infractions, but often venues were given a slap on the wrist.

Over 1,450 written notices were handed out during the same inspection period.

Under the new rules, those caught on a terrasse with a cigarette—whether in hand or in their mouths —are on the hook for a first-time fine between $250 and $750. For bars and restaurants, the first-time fine ranges from $500 to $12,500.


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