SQ investigating online threats against unnamed elected official, apparently Premier Legault

Francois Legault 3 (CTV  News)

Quebec provincial police say they are investigating after online threats were made against an elected official.

In a tweet today, police spokesman Guy Lapointe says many people alerted police to threats made in a Facebook comment thread against a member of the National Assembly.

Lapointe did not say which politician was targeted, or what the threats were about exactly, but the target seems to be Premier Francois Legault.

Lapoint also says police will take appropriate action to address the situation and that the force takes all such matters seriously.

A spokesman for the Premier said Sunday that police were alerted to social media posts targeting Legault.

Ewan Sauves did not elaborate on the nature of the posts in question, or when they were made, however.

"We will not make any comments so as not to impede the work of the police,'' Sauves told The Canadian Press in an email.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some internet users have lobbed insults and threats at Quebec officials when they disagree with the government measures being implemented to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Quebec's public health director, Dr. Horacio Arruda, filed a complaint with provincial police in late July after personal information, including his home address, was shared on social media.


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