St. Lazare family will defy government, go ahead with 'illegal' Halloween display


A St. Lazare man is planning on defying the police and going ahead with a Haunted Halloween display on his front lawn deemed illegal under COVID restrictions.

Scott Trainor said the SQ paid him a visit this past Saturday after about 300 families turned out to check out his annual Halloween display, telling him it wasn't allowed. The display is set up in three Tempos.

"Their problem, and I re-clarified it with them, as soon as somebody steps into the Tempo on our grass, that is considered an indoor gathering. Even though it's one family at a time, we are not even present in the Tempo, everything is automated," Trainor told mthe Andrew Carter Show.

"We made sure that  everybody stayed on the street in the lineup, everybody was social distancing, we had hand sanitizer - we really enforced the rules."

And despite the threat of a fine of as much as $1000, Trainor said they're still holding the event on Halloween. His social media post said since protests are legal, this Saturday's event will be dubbed a protest.

"Obviously there's a few who don't agree but  the majority of the community is very happy, is very supportive. We're doing it for the kids, we're doing it for mental health, we're taking all the safety precautions," said Trainor.

"It's about the kids, it's about getting back out, it's outside - if you can cram 50 kids into a schoolbus, if you can go to a drive-in, why can't they go through (the display)?"


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