State of emergency in Montreal extended, Quebec government donates to Red Cross

Plante, with Perez and Beis, (state of emergency extension)

The city of Montreal will remain in a state of emergency for at least another five days.

That's despite encouraging news about water levels.

Montreal city council voted unanimously during a special meeting Sunday at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High school, which has been ground zero for volunteers helping to fill sandbags during the latest spring flooding in the province.

"The situation is quite stable at this point", said Mayor Valerie Plante.

She spoke alongside opposition leaders, and affected borough mayors, calling for solidarity as well as prudence.

"There's been evacuation because, of course, we want to make sure that nobody's safety's in trouble, but, so far,  there's less houses being flooded than in 2017", added Plante.

She said the state of emergency remains necessary to give civil security flexibility.

Volunteers, city workers, and military personnel are helping residents reinforce their dikes in order to prevent a breach like the one that devastated St-Marthe-sur-le-Lac Saturday night. 

Premier Francois Legault, who visited the municipality west of Montreal, announced on Sunday the government was making a flood relief donation to the Red Cross of a million dollars. 


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