STM to put lawyers and other office staff to work to clean metro cars — at a premium


An agreement between the STM and the union representing its professional employees will see lawyers, engineers and architects clean metro cars instead of working on long term projects.

A source tells CJAD 800 these employees will be paid overtime — at a rate of time-and-a-half — on top of their salaries which average six figures. In some cases, it could cost double or triple what it would cost to hire a third party to clean instead.

STM Director General Luc Tremblay confirmed to CJAD 800 the STM will be using its own employees, but says they won’t have much opportunity to take advantage of overtime pay.

“They are doing it while they are not doing other things they are supposed to do” says Tremblay. “I’m not saying they will not make overtime but it will not be a big amount” he adds.

In a statement to CJAD 800, the STM says up to 200 employees could be asked to step away from their usual duties but it will start on a volunteer basis. Tremblay says they will be asked to do it within a 36 hour week 3x a day. “Sixty projects will be postponed so these people can do other jobs, like the cleaning” says Tremblay.

The agreement is in effect until October 10, 2020.


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