Stricter bail conditions for man accused of making online threats against Jews

Robert Gosselin

A 55-year-old Rosemont man returned to court on Monday, and now faces stricter bail conditions.

Robert Gosselin was arrested back in October, a day after he allegedly posted threat against Jews — and Celine Dion's family — on a story posted to the Journal de Montreal's Facebook page.

Those comments included graphic references to the Holocaust, and threats of a mass murder at a Jewish girl's school.

The threats were posted just days before the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 people dead.

Initially, Gosselin was released on $500 bail, and was only banned from possessing a firearm and using social media, but Jewish groups protested, emphasizing that the Pittsburgh shooter also made online threats.

At Monday's hearing, Gosselin's new lawyer asked for a delay before his next hearing so that she could become acquainted with the case.

That prompted concern from the judge, who worried that any further delays in the case might take it close to the 18-month threshold within which the case must be heard — or else it will be dropped.