The advice-giving Schnauzer from Montreal that went viral in the pandemic has died

The helium-voice schnauzer who helped her fans find comfort and humour during hours of being cooped up during the COVID-19 pandemic has died.

Pluto the talking dog found internet fame with her daily dispatches about how to navigate pandemic restrictions with snack ideas, comedy, and positive thoughts. Her mommy Nancie Wight posted Pluto's final video on YouTube on Thursday.

"Do you even realize what you all did all these past two and a little bit extra years?" said Pluto in the video. "You created an entire Pluto-verse... How lucky am I that you put me in charge of the most ginormous ball of love that ever whooshed around the earth planet?"

Pluto then sings Bob Marley's "This is Love."

Wight posted on the Pluto living Facebook page on Friday that her beloved schnauzer has died.

"My heart is shattered and these words I need to share are not coming easily. This morning we said goodbye to Pluto and sent her on her next adventure," wrote Wight.

Wight wrote that life became too difficult for her dog that thousands watched test bread, sing about pizza, take a bath and give out advice for ways to lighten the mood as pandemic restrictions forced many to remain in isolation.

Pluto's final video has been viewed over 82,000 times.

"I wasn’t ready at all, but I truly believe she was," wrote Wight. "She tried to tell me in so many ways these past days. I thought we had more time together. We had more shenanigans planned. But, I know in my heart that my desire to keep her with me would have meant more suffering for her." 


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