The City of Laval is removing the curb stripes intended to reduce car speeds


Laval is paying $250,000 to remove the colourful curbside paint job, two years after paying $750,000 to implement the project in an effort to reduce car speeds near parks and schools.

"The plan was a colossal failure," said Laval City Councillor David De Cotis, noting that the nearly 100 curbs painted in 2017 did not succeed in slowing down most cars. "When they were bright blue and bright white, people thought we were celebrating the Greek flag, or that we were hosting the Grand Prix in Laval," he said.

With the paint now chipped and fading, the city is looking to clean off the remains.

"We want to beautify our city, and there is a cost to that, but this never should have happened," said De Cotis. He added that, moving forward, he hopes Laval will stick to installing speed bumps and narrowing streets to reduce motorist speed.

CJAD 800's Elizabeth Zogalis contributed to this report.