The city of Montreal now going after ex-mayor Michael Applebaum for over $250K


The city of Montreal's lawsuit against former mayor Michael Applebaum has increased by leaps and bounds.

La Presse reports it's now asking for more than a quarter of million dollars, that now includes Applebaum's 2013 departure bonus.

The city's original lawsuit in July 2017 only included the transition bonus of $160,000. The law at the time didn't allow for the city to ask for the $108,000 departure bonus.

But the Quebec government has since modified the law so the city can now go after the departure bonus as well.

Applebaum is contesting the lawsuit.

In January 2017, Applebaum was found guilty of fraud against the government, breach of trust and corruption linked to real estate deals in his borough when he was mayor there at the time. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail.


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