THE ELIAS MAKOS SHOW: What happens when someone uses nothing but CBD products for two weeks?


Justin Peters, author and correspondent for Slate

  • Cirque du Soleil on Ice!

    Creative director Patricia Ruel and artist Alexei Birnachez join the Andrew Carter Morning Show to discuss their new show, Axel coming to the Bell Center on December 29. 

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    CJAD 800 political commentator Tom Mulcair joins Andrew Carter to discuss how Hydro Quebec will refund consumers, freeze hydro rates for 2020 and then set the increase for future years and The Trudeau-Trump spat hit SNL over the weekend. Is this good or bad publicity for Canada?

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    CJAD 800 entertainment John Moore discusses the passing of Carroll Spinney,
    Ryan Renolds makes fun of Peleton commercial and how Celine Dion's album is suddenly a flop.