The Saint-Sévère cows now have T-shirts!


The cows of Saint-Sévère are still on the loose and a letter with nearly 200 signatures is calling for the cows to stay free.

Animal activists Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert and Marilie Cantin say the cows should live the rest of their days in an animal sanctuary where their will for freedom can be respected.

The herd that ran away from home in July has made headlines across the province but is now starting to gain international attention, in part thanks to a Montrel TikToker.

Mathieu Murphy-Perron had been chronicling the cow saga on the social media platform. As the story's popularity grew, Mathieu decided to launch a campaign to raise money for the Estrie Farm Animal Sanctuary and support the bovine freedom revolution.

His idea: T-Shirts for the cows!

Slogans include : "Liberté," "Vive les vaches libres" and "#TEAMCOW."

You can grab yourself, or a loved one, a classic cow T via Mathieu's Redbubble site.


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