These NDG residents don't want trees planted on their lawns

Workers gave up trying to plant trees on NDG lawns after residents staged a protest.

MONTREAL -- Some NDG residents don't want the city planting trees on their lawns.

They staged a sit-in on their lawns Thursday to voice their opposition to new trees in front of their houses. The protesters refused to move until workers gave up and left.

There are some safety concerns to the new trees, said resident Raymond Iturbe.

"Our concern is if the roots grow, it's going to interfere with the gas line, and we may end up with an issue – as well as the size of the tree," he said.

Antonio Nitti, a 91-year-old who has lived on Oxford Ave. for 56 years, said the tree would be too big and block his view. He said he's not against fighting climate change, but he said wants to be consulted and have a say in what type of tree gets planted outside his home.

Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery said she is open to some compromise, but this is about climate change.

"Last week, we had half a million people marching on the street for the climate, and the best way to fight climate change in cities is to increase green space and plant trees," she said. "So we will be working with the residents to explain the importance of this and to explain how important it is we all do our part for future generations."

Nitti said he'll be back on his lawn to protest if workers try to plant a tree again.