Three men charged as accomplices to killing of Montreal teen

Three men were in a Montreal courthouse Friday, charged in connection to the killing of 19-year-old Aly Abdelaziz last month.

Ahmed Raza was charged Aug. 24 with first-degree murder the night of the killing, and three alleged accomplices are now facing charges.

The night of the crime, Abdelaziz allegedly stabbed Raza before fleeing. Though injured, police say Raza and accomplices Bilal Brahimi, 19, Owayss Kraiz, 20 and Houzaifa Osta, 21 caught up with Abdelaziz and assaulted him with a blunt object, according to police.

Abdelaziz died of his injuries in the hospital after telling police officers that Raza had stabbed him.

Raza was arrested when he checked into a hospital for treatment of his own injuries.

Brahimi has been charged with manslaughter, Kraiz was charged with assault using a deadly weapon and Osta was charged with first-degree murder.


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