Toronto restaurant creates 'Unicorn Poutine' a.k.a. the worst thing ever

Unicorn Poutine

There is a long list of things that Anglophone and Francophone Quebecers disagree on. But a blasphemous concoction out of Toronto has everyone on the same page: Unicorn Poutine is an abomination.

A photo of The Enchanted Poutinerie's creation was shared by the @Canada Twitter account over the weekend.

"If you didn't think poutine was magical enough, #Toronto's Enchanted Poutinerie has got you covered! Looking like a mystical delight, their Unicorn Poutine is made with fresh rainbow Quebec cheese curds & multi-colour gravy -don't mind if we do"

Thankfully, it wasn't just Quebecers who felt sick to their stomach after seeing the photo. Canadians from across our home and native land agreed everything about it is a bad idea.