Tracey McKee creates honest one-woman show about cancer diagnosis

MONTREAL – In August 2017, Tracey McKee found out she had triple-negative breast cancer.

“I thought, ‘Oh, that can’t be bad then, if it’s negative. That sounds good,’” McKee told CTV News Montreal anchor Mutsumi Takahashi on Thursday.

“My doctor effectively said that it’s one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer that you can get.”

Despite the devastating news, McKee, a local media personality, says she chose not to allow her diagnosis to tear her down.

“I’m lucky, I had so much support: community, friends, neighbours, family,” she said.

Now in remission, McKee is about to launch her new one-woman show, I’ve Got This: Humorous and Provocative Personal Tales From Cancer Diagnosis to Recovery.

The goal: to flip the script on how people talk about the disease.

“We talk about battling: they lost the battle, they won the battle, you’ve got this, fight this,” McKee said.

“I kind of flip it in my show and I talk about it in a different way, which is accepting it and loving it and embracing it and learning from it.”

The sold-out show is taking place Sat., Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. at John Abbott Casgrain Theatre.

All the proceeds will go to the West Island Cancer Wellness Center.

Watch the video above of McKee's interview with Mutsumi Takahashi on CTV News Montreal.